The Beginning

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my blog! This is officially my first “official” post. I’m glad that you took time out of your day to read an expression of something fantastic, life, love, and the amazing coffee.

It’s not often anymore that we find individuals who are able to have much free time. Most of us are on the go in some way or another.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, whenever you wanted, you could take a time out and share your thoughts? Or even jot something down you didn’t want to forget? Or take a note of a memory that you would like to journalise for remembrance in the future?

Well, that is what I’m hoping that this blog will be for me. The perfect small escape and hobby for those perfect small moments.

I also hope that my thoughts and opinions will someday in some way help someone who will find inspiration in what I write, or that they would try a new craft or idea or anything that moves them after reading.

I love unique things in life, love is the best feeling in the world, hazelnut coffee is my favorite. Thanks again for reading, I hope you will return to my blog soon!

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